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Money makes the world go round… not your head!

There’s no getting away from it, we all need money to live. But sometimes when you're struggling in the chains of debt or have been made redundant, it can seem like there’s no way out and becomes all you can think about. Remember, help is out there to get you back on track.

The answer is never at the bottom of a bottle

When you are struggling to get your head around money worries, you may want to find a way to escape your problems by drinking. But alcohol can actually make your problems worse if you splurge on a heavy drinking session. Try to avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol, or if you want to have a few beers with mates, set yourself a budget first to avoid overspending.

Don’t abandon ship

It can feel overwhelming when you are struggling to keep on top of your money, but don’t give up. Try to keep a record of your spending and budget wherever possible - you can always ask someone for advice if you need a hand creating a budget you can stick to. You don’t have to keep yourself cooped up either… there are a wide variety of free activities that you can do by yourself or with a friend, from a walk with a mate or a catch-up over the phone.

Stick to a schedule

If you have recently lost your job or been made redundant there, it’s easy to feel down and stuck in a rut. Humans are creatures of habit, so having a regular routine can give you purpose and help you to get tasks done while you decide what to do next. It allows you to have some form of structure, which is great for your mental health. Also, don’t forget to eat regular meals and stick to a sleeping pattern for your health’s sake.

Don’t get swamped, get help!

It’s understandable if you feel low or lose hope when you are struggling with your money. If these feelings continue for a few weeks and you find tackling tasks such as looking for a new job impossible, visit your GP for some advice. If you feel you really can’t cope with the constant stress of money issues, there are numerous services available, including money or debt advice and counselling services. Check out the support services available in our ‘Local help in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire’ section below.

Citizens Advice Bureau (Milton Keynes / Bedford)

Find a new job

Money Advice Service

Useful Videos

Useful Videos

How to manage your money

How to manage your debt

The benefits of saving

Local Help in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire

Local Help in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire

Worried about financial issues? Getting in touch with these organisations can help you to take control over your finances again:

National Debt Helpline: 0808 808 4000

Money Advice Service: 0300 500 5000

Citizens Advice Bureau: 01908 604475 (Milton Keynes) / 01525 402742 (Bedfordshire) / 01234 867944  (Bedford) / 0808 278 7847 (Luton)

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