It's good to be able to chat to someone who gets what you’re going through, and there are loads of online communities out there that can help you to connect with people going through similar stuff. Most forums operate 24/7, so there’s always somebody there to listen when you need it.

Know that you’re never alone, and that it’s okay to not be on top form all the time- there are plenty of people in the same boat as you! Online communities and forums can be a great way of accessing support and advice, especially if opening up to your mates feels a bit daunting. Here are a few of our faves:


Sane is an online support forum for those struggling with their mental health. The forum is monitored regularly to make sure that it’s a safe, anonymous space for those looking to get stuff off their chest.

Mental Health Forum

Mental Health Forum is an online support forum with dedicated channels for when you're feeling low or struggling with addiction. It’s anonymous, so you can have a proper vent about how you’re feeling and get advice from people who understand, whenever you need it.

Side by Side

Side by Side is an online community for anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed. The forums are monitored by mental health charity, Mind, to make it a safe space for you to chat and relate to other people. Side by Side even has private messaging and snooze features, so that you’re in total control of who and what you interact with.


Clic is an online mental health support service that allows you to chat with people directly, or through regularly monitored forums. You can also access information, videos, support contacts and live Q&A sessions through joining the community.

Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK is a safe and secure e-community where people with bipolar disorder can discuss their challenges, ask questions, share their experiences and seek advice.

Beat Eating Disorders

Beat Eating Disorders’ message board feature allows people struggling with eating disorders, or those supporting somebody with an eating disorder, to reach out anonymously. Users can ask questions, make connections, and share their stories to get advice, or offer advice to other people on their journey to recovery.


Togetherall is an online community where people get to know and support each other with mental health struggles anonymously.


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